BBTradesales Inflatable Gadget Chair

BBTradesales Inflatable Gadget Chair Review 2016

BBTradesales Inflatable Gadget Chair in Black


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An Introduction 

The BBTradesales Inflatable Gadget Chair is an inflatable gaming chair made by BBTradesales. They are a huge company on the Amazon UK Marketplace and sell everything from Children’s Toys to Home and Garden products as well as inflatable gaming chairs.


The Aesthetics

The BBTradesales Inflatable Gadget Chair is in fully black and is one huge chair. The big sized chair means that it is suitable for teenagers and adults a like, both large or small and has arm rests and a big backrest. There are two speakers for sound output at either sides of the headrest which are also pitch black in colour. There is a cable to connect to a sound output system and which is discreetly placed and doesn’t interferes with the look or comfort of the chair. The arm rests have can holders as deep grooves to hold either a soft drink or a good ol’ can of beer (Providing you’re old enough to drink alcohol of course!). On the outer sides of the chair there are mesh pockets which are great for placing books, magazines, DVDs etc. The front of the armrests also contains two small pouches at either side where you may tuck in your mobile phone, music player, remote control or games controllers etc.


Its Comfort

The BBTradesales Inflatable Gadget Chair is nice and large with a secure but plump seat due to it being inflatable. The feeling of sitting in it is very comfortable and it cushions the body nicely. The user will definitely feel padded throughout the body. Another level of comfort is through the surround sound feature it offers which makes listening to music and playing games very comfortable as well as giving another dimension to your gaming experience. The pouches and pockets at the armrest allows for you to be even lazier when you’re using the inflatable chair as you can tuck in needed items there. In fact, this inflatable gaming chair is probably one of the most comfortable gaming chair designs on the market!


Its Features 

The BBTradesales Inflatable Gadget Chair comes with the following features:

  • Large Inflatable Design.
  • Air can be let out, allowing it to be folded and stored when not in use.
  • Contains speakers at either sides of headrest allowing for a great sound experience.
  • Compatible with any sound, music and gaming system device.
  • Audio Output Auxiliary Cable attached to the chair to plug your devices into.
  • Dimensions of chair when inflated are 91 x 91 x 91 cms.
  • The chair can support a max weight of 110 kg.


The Pros

  • The chair is large enough for even the larger bodied user and supports children, teenagers and adults with comfort.
  • Contains speakers and sound out cables that supports all gaming and music systems.
  • Contains multiple pockets and pouches for magazines, mobiles, remotes, drinks cans and whatever else you want to place in it.
  • The black colour is sleek and smooth and won’t show off dirt or grease even after continued use.
  • Inflatable design is smart space saving and is easily deflated and stored when not in use.


The Cons 

Although only a couple of cons, there are some scopes of improvement with the BBTradesales Inflatable Gadget Chair:

  • Some users have experienced the chair deflating after long periods of use, it would be highly recommended giving it a quick top up before every use to assure it is inflated fully for maximum comfort.
  • Seams or joints of the chair should be stronger to prevent bursting of the chair at seams, which some users have experienced so please be careful not to slump down onto the chair when going to sit on it as this may cause punctures or leaks.


All in All

Overall the BBTradesales Inflatable Gadget Chair is a decent buy at a good value. Its a great choice for a low range gaming chair and is perfect for a small house or a small room that requires a space saving gaming chair and is very very comfortable.


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BBTradesales Inflatable Gadget Chair

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