BTM Luxury Executive Leather Swivel Office Chair Review 2016



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An Introduction

BTM is one of the leading gaming and office chair manufacturers. They specialize in making gaming chairs, computer chairs and office chairs that all include great support, backrest and very pleasing designs. The Luxury Executive Leather Office Swivel Chair is a chair made by BTM and which promises  some very attractive contours and some very nice features at the price of just £69.99.


The Aesthetics

The BTM Luxury Executive Leather Office Swivel Chair is a luxury chair for either the office or the home, and looks great in either one. The chair contains a long backrest and broad seating. It’s a large chair and good enough to accommodate a wide and/ or tall figure quite comfortably. The presence of the large headrest is an advantage which makes it not only aesthetically pleasing but comfortable too. There are 2 colours available with this manufacturer which are both black and brown. The BTM Luxury Executive Leather Office Swivel Chair is a very smart design. The chair comes with 360 degree swivel mechanism and has castor wheels at the chrome base for great support. The arms rests also include some very attractive and comfortable padding. The material on the chair is a tough PU leather with great finish to it. With the silver color chrome base, the chair looks quite attractive and the padding throughout the body looks contoured, soft and plush making the BTM Luxury Executive Leather Office Swivel Chair a very attractive chair.


Its Comfort

The chair has the right dimensions to support a small or big figured person, and hence is a comfortable office or computer chair if you’re planning on sitting for long periods of time. The head rest is quite large allowing the head to rest comfortably without risk of neck strain. The reclining backrest is a big support for the back and is very comfortable with lots of padding in a leather finish. The seat is also well padded and quite comfortable for even a whole days comfort as you sit on it for long hours at a stretch. The arm rests are well padded too, however as reported by users, they are experienced to be loose fitting or a little shaky so please be aware to make sure they are screwed in securely when assembling the chair. The swiveling works really nicely, and you may rotate at any angle (a full 360 degrees). The wheels are also very smooth and give great mobility to the chair.


Its Features

Some of the notable features of the BTM Luxury Executive Leather Office Swivel Chair are as follows:

  • The chair has a broad and long body, with dimensions of 45-54 cms seat height that is adjustable, 115-124 cms whole height, 52 cms of seat width, 53 cms of depth of seat, a 70 cm backrest.
  • It comes in 2 specific colors, black and brown.
  • There are 5 castor wheels on the chrome base in a silver colour which allows for both a very secure seat as well as visually looking attractive.
  • Height and tilt angle of seat and backrest can be adjusted.
  • It can be cleaned easily as it is made from a strong PU leather which is fade resistant.


The Pros

The main advantages users and our reviewers have noticed about the BTM Luxury Executive Leather Office Swivel Chair are:

  • There are 2 colour options to choose from.
  • The chair is easy to assemble though you have to tighten the screws a lot to assure that it doesnt loosen over time (Be careful though not to force them tight as this could risk breaking the thread).
  • Large dimensions make it a decent sized chair to give support and comfort to both shorter and taller individuals and wider or skinny individuals a like.
  • Cleaning is easy and the fade resistant colours are nice and long lasting.
  • Silver color chrome base looks smart and is very sturdy.
  • The tilt and height of the BTM Luxury Executive Leather Office Swivel Chair are fully adjustable.


The Cons

There are a few small scopes of improvement in the BTM Luxury Executive Leather Office Swivel Chair, these are:

  • The wheels on the chrome base have been known to break after heavy use so care should be taken when using the chair to assure that it lasts a long time.
  • The arm rests have a loose grip and can make some users feel uncomfortable while seated.
  • No instructions to assemble the chair are given with the package thus the assembling may be a confusing and lengthy job if you are not used to assembling products. Two pairs of hands will always be more efficient when assembling this office chair.
  • Although the PU leather is a thick and strong material if used over long periods of time it has been prone to wearing and tearing so please be aware of this when using the chair.


All in All

At a price of £60.99 the chair is a decent buy that is good value for money but please be aware it does have a few more cons to it than most other chairs and this may put some users off. However if you are tight on budget and like the looks of the chair such as the shades of colour, the base finish etc and also plan to use it for light and infrequent sitting, then this really is a great chair to go with.  🙂


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