New Design Leather Swivel Office Chair 19HH

New Design Leather Swivel Office Chair 19HH Review 2016

New Design swivel PU Leather Black Color Office Chair 19HH


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Looking at an office chair or a nice swivel chair to sit on whilst working at the PC can be quite a demand, there’s just so many out there and almost any person who had to sit minimum 9 hours a day would like to go for a nice and comfortable office chair that’s within a nice budget. There are lots of chair manufacturers, and lots of office chair models on the UK market. Hence before you buy one, doing thorough research about the various chair themselves, and also the manufacturer can be very important.


An Introduction 

The New Design Leather Swivel Office Chair 19HH is a nice and impressive looking office chair which has really grabbed a lot of peoples attention whilst they were looking at office chairs on Amazon UK as well as across the world wide web. Now looking at the make and manufacturer of the chair, and the consumer reviews here we present you review of the New Design Leather Swivel Office Chair 19HH. This should hopefully help you get to a decision about the chair and whether it is the right office chair/ gaming chair for you. The chair is manufactured by Cherry Tree Furniture Company, which is a good name in the manufacturers of office chairs, especially over the Amazon UK Network. Hence you have a reputed brand’s name here behind the chair model, and that definitely helps! Cherry Tree furniture is known for making all sorts of office and stationary goods but is specifically known for specializing in office chairs mainly.


The Aesthetics

The New Design Leather Swivel Office Chair 19HH comes in two colors. One is full black, and another is the brown color which is again highlighted by parts in black. Both the colors look good. The black looks professional and would look great in a traditional office. The brown looks very charming and specially with black accents at the edges to give it a definition and would look great in a warm office with natural tones such as browns, greys etc. This smart looking office chair comes with arm rests which are slightly padded, and hence it looks quite standard in looks. The backrest is long enough to support any frame, and the contoured shape of the backrest is able to support the spine really well. The body is made from a strong PU leather, and there is a matte shine about the leather finish which is easy to wipe clean and keep maintained. The height of the chair is adjustable, there are two adjustments to be made in it; one is the backrest tilt adjustment, and another is the seat height adjustment. Now let’s take a look at the amount of comfort it provides.


Its Comfort

As far as comfort is concerned the New Design Leather Swivel Office Chair 19HH is reported to give you a nice seating experience and the seat is soft enough to support your body through long seating hours as it usually is the case for standard office chairs. However many of the consumers are glad to have got the same amount of seating comfort and full day of sitting with ease at a price much lower than most other chairs of this kind. There are arm rests at either side of the chair to give you comfortable seating and the back of the chair is tiltable. You can put your whole body weight on the back to tilt and the tilt position can be adjusted through controls. Its also rockable for the gamers who like to kick back and immerse themselves in the game! If your weight is anywhere within 120 kg then you are good to enjoy a full day comfortable seating on the height adjustable swivel chair. It’s important to mention that you get a full 360 degrees swivel with the model, which is great when moving about in an office etc.


Its Features 

The features you find in the New Design Leather Swivel Office Chair 19HH are as follows:

  • Swivel office chair with 360 degrees of full swiveling.
  • There are rollers or wheels at the base of the chair for easy movement and transfers.
  • Tiltable backrest is adjustable through controls.
  • Adjustable seat height is controlled through high gas powered knob control.
  • The chair can bear a weight of 120 kg.
  • 2 colors are available, these are black and brown.
  • The dimensions of the chair are 110 cms from the top of the backrest to the floor and 46 cms from seat height to floor.
  • Comes in a flat packing, and has to be assembled which ideally takes 30 mins and is pretty straight forward to assemble.   


The Pros

The best things about the New Design Leather Swivel Office Chair 19HH are as follows:

  • Available in 2 attractive colours.
  • Backrest tilt and seat height are both adjustable.
  • The hydraulic adjustments are pretty strong.
  • Seat padding is soft and comfortable for sitting long hours.
  • 360 degrees swivel power.
  • Wheels at the base for easy gliding movement.
  • Backrest comfortable enough to let you rock with ease.
  • Contoured backrest design for spinal support.
  • Arm rests have go padding for extra comfort.
  • Good model with facilities which makes it a nice value for the money at just £43.99.


The Cons 

With the nice advantages listed above, there are some scopes of improvements in the New Design Leather Swivel Office Chair 19HH too. They are:

  • The padding on the arm rests are scanty, and could have been plusher to give more of padding than the feel of hard plastic.
  • The backrest do not contains any separate head rest, and hence long or long individuals may not get support enough to tilt the head unless they sit in a correct posture upright.


All in All

The New Design Leather Swivel Office Chair 19HH priced at £43.99 is a nice pick for many reasons. One good reason is the padded seat and nice tilting backrest. Another reason is the nice swivel design, and then the wheels at base, which all together makes tilting, rocking, sitting and moving, rotating etc very easy. The price when compared to all the facilities looks quite decent as other chairs in the market with these features are almost doubly priced.


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New Design Leather Swivel Office Chair 19HH

New Design Leather Swivel Office Chair 19HH



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