RayGar Luxury 6 Point Massage & Reclining Office Chair

RayGar Luxury 6 Point Massage & Reclining Office Chair Review 2016

RayGar Luxury Faux Leather 6 Point Massage & Reclining Recliner Office Chair 360 Swivel High Back Computer Desk Study (Various Colours)


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RayGar are a Architectural and Engineering Supplier based in Derby in the UK. They sell a large variety of house hold goods from Kids Tricycles to this RayGar Luxury 6 Point Massage & Reclining Office Chair I will be going into more detail about below. RayGars items are produced in a ISO 9001 Certified Factory and due to their consistency of high quality products at very affordable prices RayGar has grown into a very reputable brand, mainly selling through eBay and Amazon (Racking up over 100,000 product reviews on eBay alone!) and still continues to grow to this day.

The RayGar Luxury Chair is like most other Luxury Office Chairs in its price range, but with a twist as it has the ultimate luxury feature, a 6 Point Massager built into it! I will go into this in some more detail but first lets get the basics out of the way. The RayGar Luxury 6 Point Massage & Reclining Office Chair is made from a high quality PU Leather and is available in black, red, brown or cream. Although this chair isn’t upholstered in real leather, it still looks the part in any Office Room and doesn’t take anything away from the comfort. It has deep padding on the seat and back cushions to assure for a very comfortable experience for the user. The back has a tilt and lock mechanism which will tilt back like any normal office chair but please be aware it does not tilt to an almost horizontal point as some customers have expected this before due to its massaging feature and have been let down. The reclining feature is controlled by a handle/ lever under the chair. The chair itself swivels a full 360 degrees and the chair is on a gas piston which allows the chairs height to be adjusted to the specific requirements of the user. The chair has a high back for support which is especially handy if you’ve got some height to you and makes for a far more comfortable experience.

Now lets go into some detail on its key feature that makes it stand out from most other luxury office chairs… the fact it massages you! The RayGar Luxury Office Chair has 6 mechanical massaging points which are located over the seat. It has 2 on the back, 2 on the lumbar and 2 at the thighs, this assures for a consistent and comfortable massage throughout your body. You can change the settings of the massager to create a custom experience, giving you the options to turn it up or down, change the type of massage and even focus on specific areas. This remote is attached to the chair by a wire and can be stored in a pocket attached to the arm of the Office Chair.

I must be honest though, don’t expect to feel a sensation that’s close to a real massage, although the 6 Point Massage feature is comfortable and relaxing and has helped with many people who suffer from back pains whilst sitting at office desks for long periods of time, it is more of a relaxing vibrational sensation thats allowed to run though your muscles. Another thing I must point out is that it can also get a little bit noisy when the massager is on which some customers have found disappointing so please bare in mind when purchasing. Also, when assembling, please be aware that the instructions are very basic and some people have experienced difficulties when assembling so it may be best to get an extra head and pair of hands to help you out when assembling.

Although you’re not going to get a massage experience that matches the touch of someones hands, all in all the RayGar Luxury 6 Point Massage & Reclining Office Chair offers a very pleasant, comfortable and relaxing experience to its users both whilst the massager is on, and also when its turned off. It may not compete with the serious massaging chairs on the market which can go into their thousands price wise (you know, the ones that you find husbands sleeping on in shopping centres) , but for under £100 it really does offer great value for money and a very comfortable experience. The RayGar Luxury 6 Point Massage & Reclining Office Chair is a great purchase to anyone who wants to treat their body to the ultimate feature in comfort and without having to break the bank! 🙂


> Purchase From RayGar UK Here with 65% Off <


Item Specifications:

Back Size: 54cm x 73cm

Seat Size: 54cm x 55cm

Over All Size: Width – 64cm / Depth – 63cm / Height – 111cm to 12cm

Maximum User Weight: Aprox 125 KG

Available Colours: Black, Red, Brown and Cream


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RayGar Luxury 6 Point Massage & Reclining Office Chair Review 2016
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RayGar Luxury 6 Point Massage & Reclining Office Chair

RayGar Luxury 6 Point Massage & Reclining Office Chair









          Value for Money



            • 6 Point Massager!
            • Remote for Custom Settings
            • Great Value for Money
            • Relaxes Tense Muscles


            • Assembly Instructions arnt Clear
            • Massager can get quite loud

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