BAZAAR BAG ® - Giant Indoor & Outdoor Beanbag

BAZAAR BAG Giant Indoor & Outdoor Bean Bag Review 2016

BAZAAR BAG ® – Giant Beanbag Multiple Colours – Indoor & Outdoor Bean Bag – MASSIVE 180 x 140cm – Great for Garden Use button


An Introduction 

Bean Bag Bazaar are pretty much the largest Amazon UK Marketplace retailer when it comes to Bean Bags. They have a huge amount of high quality and brilliantly designed bean bags ranging from garden bean bags to gaming bean bags. There success and growth has been purely down to their top quality bean bags that are a fraction of the UK high street price. There most popular bean bag and by far their most interesting is the BAZAAR BAG Giant Indoor & Outdoor Bean Bag. I will go into some more detail on this unique bean bag below.


The Aesthetics

Well… this is definitely one unique bean bag. How do I start? Umm… it is HUGE. This is the largest bean bag I have come across on the market and is definitely one of the most impressive by far. It has a contemporary rectangle design to it which allows you to either lay it down flat, or put it on its side and use it almost like a sun lounger. This bean bag is available in a massive 12 different colours so whatever the interior style of your house is, whether that be new, rustic, old or modern there will be a colour here to suit the look perfectly. The BAZAAR BAG Giant Indoor & Outdoor Bean Bag will definitely give an extra depth of unique design to any room you place it in and is a guaranteed conversation piece.


Its Comfort

The BAZAAR BAG Giant Indoor & Outdoor Bean Bag is, if you couldn’t tell from the impression it gives off in the photos, is extremely comfortable.  This is purely down to its size and shape. Both of these allow you to position it in anyway, whether that be flat like a bed for you and/ or a second person to even positioning it on its side and using it like a full length lounger (As shown in photos). Due to its size this bean bag has so much cushioning to it which is extremely comfortable. It is made of a strong polyester fabric which is soft and smooth and is extremely comfortable on both clothing and bare skin.


Its Features 

The BAZAAR BAG Giant Indoor & Outdoor Bean Bag just like most of Bean Bag Bazaars bean bags has many features included. This bean bag is 100% water proof as well as fire retardant due to its strong and very versatile polyester fabric which means that you can use it both indoors and outdoors, although we wouldn’t recommend leaving it outside permanently. There is also another inner lining for the beads to give it twice as much protection against any tears or leaks. The beads are a nice soft polystyrene bead that mold around you so softly as you slouch into it and relax. This bean bag also features double stitching throughout the seams to ensure there is the most minimal risk of the bean bag tearing or leaking. I know i’m stating the obvious again, but this bag is hugee! It is suitable for anyone of any age whether that be male or female, child, teenager or adult and tall, short, small or large a like. This is the most universal bean bag I have seen, due to its size it is literally suited for everyone and makes for a great gaming bean bag in particular.


The Pros

There are many pros to the BAZAAR BAG Giant Indoor & Outdoor Bean Bag, these are:

  • Its HUGE! Its the largest bean bag on the market (That I am aware of). It can even sit up to two people on it!
  • You can change its shape however you fancy. Whether that be laying it flat on the floor, leaning it up against the wall or even putting it on its side in a canoe sort of shape to sit in.
  • It is made from a strong 100% water proof as well as fire retardant polyester and the beans are made of soft but firm polystyrene beads.
  • It has a very modern contemporary feel to the design and would be a great conversation piece. It is available in massive 12 colours so there is plenty of choice for choosing the best colour to go with the interior design of the house or room you are planning on purchasing it for.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use although we would not recommend leaving it outdoors indefinitely.
  • Bean Bag Bazaars most popular bean bag and the best selling bean bag on the Amazon UK Marketplace!


The Cons

There are only a few cons with the BAZAAR BAG Giant Indoor & Outdoor Bean Bag, these are:

  • Some customers feel like the bean bag should be filled an extra 20-30% although the majority of customers feel that there is a perfect amount of beads in it.
  • Some users have found the material to be quite slippery and have had problems of slipping off it when slouching on it.


All in All

All in all the BAZAAR BAG Giant Indoor & Outdoor Bean Bag is by far the wackiest and most impressive bean bag that I’ve come across on the market. It is the most popular bean bag for sale on the whole of Amazon UK and is extremely comfortable. Its shape and size gives you so many options on how you position it and you can even use it with two people! It is also the largest bean bag available on the market yet is absolutely great value for money and is about the same price as most of the other smaller bean bags on the market. I would highly recommend this bean bag to anyone. It is a perfect bean bag for any age or size with very little floors and would be especially comfortable and cosey to use whilst gaming, or even… netflix and chill 😉 button


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BAZAAR BAG Giant Indoor & Outdoor Bean Bag

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