Bean Bag Bazaar® Extra Large Leather Gaming Bean Bag

Bean Bag Bazaar® Extra Large Leather Gaming Bean Bag Review 2016

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An Introduction 

Bean Bag Bazaar are one of the largest bean bag retailers on the UK Amazon Marketplace. They are renowned for their uniquely engineered designs and the unique and extremely robust materials they use in their products. All of this combined with their extremely low and great value prices have made Bean Bag Bazaar the success they are today. Below I will be going into more detail on one of their most popular gaming bean bags they have in their range, the Bean Bag Bazaar® Extra Large Leather Gaming Bean Bag.


The Aesthetics

Right from the start you can tell that the Bean Bag Bazaar® Extra Large Leather Gaming Bean Bag is a very luxurious chair. The natural looking brown faux leather would not look out of place in most homes. Whether its modern, rustic or contemporary the Bean Bag Bazaar® Extra Large Leather Gaming Bean Bag will fit into any interior style so elegantly. The brown faux leather fabric has been custom embossed with a realistic pattern to imitate real leather as close as possible. Like a lot of other Bean Bag Bazaars gaming bean bags it is engineered using their unique 6 panel design which has extremely clean and attractive stitching around the seems. It has a tear drop style shape to it due to the large back rest with allows the user to sit on it with ease.


Its Comfort

The Bean Bag Bazaar® Extra Large Leather Gaming Bean Bag is an extremely comfortable gaming bean bag. This is not only due to its high quality SuppleLux® Faux Leather fabric (Which has had a pattern embossed on it to replicate the feeling of real soft leather) but is also due to its Virgin Polyester FreeFlow® beads which have been uniquely designed by Bean Bag Bazaar. These have been uniquely designed to allow each bean to individually mold around the users body in a very soft and comfortable way, almost hugging them as they relax into it. This gaming bean bag also has a large structured back rest and head support which inflates full of the beans when the user slouches onto it. This beanbag has been designed especially in mind for the gamer who is planning on spending many hours at one time sitting on it. Even after many hours of constant sitting, this chair will still keep you comfortable and supported without the worry of experiencing any aches and pains.


Its Features 

There are many unique features from Bean Bag Bazaar incorporated into this gaming chair. They really spend a lot of time on the design and manufacturing process of their products and therefore create many bean bag chairs with a lot of unique features. The Bean Bag Bazaar® Extra Large Leather Gaming Bean Bag is made from their unique SuppleLux® Faux Leather fabric material which is both soft and gentle as well as extremely tough and durable. It has the strength of genuine leather but without the firm hard thickness. This gaming bean bag is made from a 6 panel design which is a unique feature that allows the beans to push up into the backrest to keep it structured when the user is seated in it. This backrest also has full head support too to save the user from having to support their own head and therefore causing a heavy head after some time. I dont know about you, but for me its a huge issue I get when gaming over long periods so is an absolute life saver. The beads/ beans inside are another custom technological material which is unique to Bean Bag Bazaars bean bags, known as Virgin Polyester FreeFlow® beads. Each one of these beads will individually mold to the users body when they slouch down. Working all at once, these beads will literally cushion the user so soft and warmly, adding an extra depth of comfort not seen in bean bags with standard stuffing beans. It also has high quality over lapped double stitching so you wont have to worry about any splits or leaks, even after heavy use.


The Pros

The Bean Bag Bazaar® Extra Large Leather Gaming Bean Bag has a lot of pros to it. These are:

  • It has been constructed using their tear drop 6 panel design. This engineering allows for the beads to flow into the backrest when sat in it to support the back and head comfortably for long periods of time.
  • This bean bag has a unique high quality faux leather which has been designed by Bean Bag Bazaar called SuppleLux® Faux Leather. It is a really tough and durable faux leather that is also soft and smooth at the same time. It has been embossed with a realistic leather pattern to give it an extra level of quality. On top of all this, the faux leather has been treated with Resistex® which ensures that not only is this bean bag extremely fire retardant, but that it is also easy to maintain and wipe down after any accidental spillage of food or drink.
  • The bean bag contains custom beans called Virgin polyester FreeFlow® beads which is unique to Bean Bag Bazaar. Each beans individually molds to the users shape and gives for an extra level of comfort compared to a bean bag using standard filled beans.
  • This is a very stylish and attractive bean bag that would look good in any home, modern or rustic and gives a level of luxury to any room it is placed in.


The Cons

There is only one con to the Bean Bag Bazaar® Extra Large Leather Gaming Bean Bag also. This is:

  • The bean bag may feel smaller than expected to some people. There are customers who are over 6ft who have found this bean bag a good size but there are also shorter customers who have found this bean bag too small so it seems like it is down to personal preference. If you are quite a fussy sitter who finds it extremely hard to get comfortable then this may not be the best bean bag for you. The majority of people though find this bean bag a great size and due to the strength and versatility of the unique faux leather is also well suited to the heavier or larger user also.

The dimensions of this Bean Bag whilst seated are approx: Height 32″ x Width 32″ x Depth 32″.


All in All

The Bean Bag Bazaar® Extra Large Leather Gaming Bean Bag is a best seller for a reason. With the high quality materials and extremely well thought out design this is a extremely well built and comfortable bean bag. It is great value for money with most bean bags of this range being at lease 2 thirds more expensive than this one (Especially if you were to purchase it off the high street). Please be aware though to make note of the dimensions before purchasing as a select amount of customers have been disappointed with its size after it arrived. button


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