Bean Bag Bazaar XL Leather Beanbag with Handle

Bean Bag Bazaar XL Leather Beanbag with Handle Large Review 2016

XL Beanbag with Handle in Blue Faux Leather – Large Bean Bags



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An Introduction

The Bean Bag Bazaar XL Large Leather Beanbag with Handle is a popular Bean Bag by the company Bean Bag Bazaar. If you haven’t already heard of them, Bean Bag Bazaar are the largest manufacturer and supplier of Bean Bags on the Amazon UK Marketplace. They are also one of the largest online bean bag companies in the whole of the United Kingdom. There success has been purely down to their very high quality bean bags, at just a fraction of the price as what they are on the UK high street and they are still continuing to grow vastly as a company today.


The Aesthetics

The Bean Bag Bazaar XL Large Leather Beanbag with Handle is a blue faux leather bean bag. One of the first things that you will notice is its size. Its huge! Maybe not as physically large as other Bean Bag Bazaar Bags when it comes to the proportions, but the seating and cushioning is what really makes it huge due to the massive depth from the seat to the ground. Due to this, your body will sink so smoothly into it, giving perfect cushioning for both adults, teenagers and children alike. Although this bean bag has been specifically designed for adults in mind, kids absolutely love the supersize of this bean bag. The style is pretty standard… I mean, its definitely a bag full of beans. Although it is a pretty standard style, it has been designed really nicely with a nice amount of height from the ground. This is a perfect height to allow an average sized adult enough room to be able to sit for a good few hours comfortably. This bean bag has two linings and also two zippers. One for the inner lining and another for outer, with a false outer opening too which allows for protection of the zips. This ensures smooth filling of refills and makes it completely leak proof. The Bean Bag Bazaar XL Large Leather Beanbag also has a handle on top to carry which is a great feature which allows the user to carry around, or to and from rooms with ease and isn’t a feature which is included on a lot of other bean bags on the market.


Its Comfort

The Bean Bag Bazaar XL Large Leather Beanbag with Handle is a very comfortable chair, and this is reflected in a lot of the user reviews on Amazon. This is mainly due to the huge depth it has from the seat to the floor, allowing for you to literally sink into it and forget about the stresses of life. Unless you’re quite a large person, this bean bag will be quite large for you… and that’s not a bad thing either. It will literally hug you regardless of your pose and is perfect whilst gaming, watching TV or doing any other relaxing activities such as reading, snoozing etc. Even after a good few hours the Bean Bag Bazaar XL Large Leather Beanbag with Handle will be very comfortable even for the large and tall users and the great thing about being a bean bag is that if it does ever get uncomfortable, you can just remold the filling with ease. The faux leather is a very durable material and extremely smooth and comfortable for the skin.


Its Features

The best features of the Bean Bag Bazaar XL Large Leather Beanbag with Handle are:

  • The bean bag is a large size to accommodate any individual both young and old, large or petite.
  • The colour is available in a warm blue which looks great in most styles of room, but especially in a teenagers bedroom.
  • The bean bag has an internal double lining for more durability, strength and protection. This bean bag has been made to last not months, but years.
  • It’s made of a strong, high quality faux leather which is almost as good as real leather in durability and feels identical to the real material.
  • Very lightweight and includes a handle which makes moving and handling of this bean bag very user friendly.
  • The dimensions of this bean bag are approximately 70 x 95 cm (27.5″ x 37.5″).


The Pros

There are many pros when it comes to the Bean Bag Bazaar XL Large Leather Beanbag with Handle, a few of these are:

  • It’s highly durable. A lot of users have stated that they use this bean bag very roughly and heavy handed and yet it still holds up just as good as when they first purchased it, with complete satisfaction, a lot of users are pleasantly surprised.
  • This bean bag is waterproof and easy to clean due to the material, with just a wet wipe needed.
  • It’s a large bean bag yet not over sized for when it comes to space in a room. Even the smallest of rooms can accommodate the Bean Bag Bazaar XL Large Leather Beanbag nicely.
  • Very comfortable for sitting, slouching or snoozing… even after long hours of relaxation.
  • Double lining lets the small balled filling inside roll freely thus adding to flexibility as well as durability. The double zips add to protection and longevity.
  • It has a handle on top for easy carrying, which is especially handy when carrying it up and down stairs.
  • Light weight for easy portability.


The Cons

There aren’t many scopes for improvement in the style, design or build quality. Like most other bean bags by Bean Bag Bazaar its been pretty much perfected. The only one criticism I would make on this bean bag is that there could be more colours added to the stock for this model.


All in All

All in all, at the price of £44.99 with free delivery within the UK, this Bean Bag is cheaper than a lot of other models in the Bean Bag Bazaar range yet it still brings the same amount of style and build quality to it. The Bean Bag Bazaar XL Large Leather Beanbag with Handle is great value for money and amazing quality. It looks good against most house decor and really brings an added level of comfort to any leisure activity… especially console gaming in a teenagers room! 🙂


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Bean Bag Bazaar XL Leather Beanbag with Handle Large

Bean Bag Bazaar XL Leather Beanbag with Handle Large



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