Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair (PS4/PS3/Xbox 360/Nintendo Wii U/PC DVD)

Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair Review 2016

Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair (PS4/PS3/Xbox 360/Nintendo Wii U/PC DVD)


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An Introduction 

Gioteck, which is owned by Goodbetterbest Ltd (the parent company), is one of the leading gaming accessories brands in the world. This company offers gaming lovers the latest and most innovative gaming accessories and gadgets to help enhance the gaming experience. Gioteck is the leading creator of Xbox, Playstation and PC accessories. The products and gadgets offered by this Gioteck are high quality, durable, innovative and reliable. They are designed with the latest technology enabling gamers to have an experience of a lifetime every time they play.

In order to make gaming experience even more exciting, Gioteck have come up with a multi format surround sound gaming chair, the Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair. Below I will go into some more detail on this gaming accessory.


The Aesthetics

The Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair has a unique and stylish motor racing design. This aesthetic feature makes it appealing to gamers who enjoy playing racing games like Grand Turismo 6, Grand Theft Auto 5, Forza 5 as well as other racing games. This pro gaming chair comes in a black leather-like covering and a fabric cushioned panel framed in red piping to give it a more attractive and stylish look.


Its Comfort

The Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair has a double foam padding that is added to enhance the comfort of the person using it. The chair is fully adjustable; you can adjust it to any angle you want, letting you enjoy the experiance of gaming without the experience of a backache. Additionally, the chair has its own vibration feedback. This makes this professional gaming chair ideal for dramatic titles for example when playing Battlefield.


Its Features 

This professional gaming chair has unique features, for example; it has full range surround speakers, making it ideal for music lovers. Additionally, the Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair is subwoofer integrated, offering some deep bass for a number of racing titles, action games, adventure shooting games, movies and even music. The speakers are also strategically positioned to enable you to hear quality sound while gaming.


The Pros

The Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair is compatible with a wide range of gaming devices and computers including; PS3 and PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, PC, iPods, Nintendo Wii U, Mp3 players, TVs, DVD players and even CD players and stereo systems… hell, you can even plug it into your old cassette player if you really wanted!

This gaming chair is designed for durability. If well taken care of, it can offer you great service and can last for a good period of time. It is also ideal for people of different ages. Any gaming lover can enjoy the features and experience offered by this gaming chair. Please be aware though that the Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair can be easily carried from one room to another. However, you need to be careful when moving it as throwing it down or hitting it on a hard surface can destroy some of its amazing features.


The Cons 

There aren’t many cons to this chair at all… in fact that’s whats made it one of the most popular gaming chairs on the market. One thing to note though, the speakers are not so powerful. They can easily be damaged if you use the chair with very powerful audio players so please be aware of this.


All in All

In conclusion, if you are looking for a great gaming chair that will make your gaming experience more exciting, the Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair is a real consideration and a very popular choice! 🙂


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Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair

Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair



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