Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Chair & Matching Footstool Combo

Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Chair & Matching Footstool Combo Review 2016

Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Chair & Matching Footstool Combo – 100% Easy Care High Back Bean Bags Purple


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An Introduction 

Hi-BagZ® are one of the largest Amazon UK Retailers for Bean Bags online to date. All their bean bags have had a lot of care and attention put into both the design aspects as well as manufacturing aspects. Due to this quality combined with extremely good value (Almost 50% cheaper than the high street) have made Hi-BagZ® the success they are today. Hi-BagZ® sell all different types of bean bags from sun lounging bean bags to gaming bean bags. Below I will go into one of their combo products, the Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Chair & Matching Footstool Combo which as the name states includes not only just the bean bag chair but also a bean bag footstool too.


The Aesthetics

The first thing you will notice with the Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Chair & Matching Footstool Combo is that it has one bold colour! The strong purple really brings a quirky brightness to this bean bag and foot stool combo. It is also available in 2 other colours, lime green and cheery red which both just as bright and colourful. This bean bag chair will brighten up any house hold interior with its contemporary styled look, especially a child or teenagers bedroom. The bean bag itself would look pretty dull but due to its back rest really turns it from just a plain bean bag and gives it a really fashionable reclining look to it. This chair would look great in the corner of any room. The added footstool included too also adds to this contemporary lounger look and would look great with a modern coffee table sitting next to it.


Its Comfort

Unlike a lot of other bean bags on the market which can lack in bean density the Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Chair & Matching Footstool Combo is far from this. It is packed full of beads which make this bean bag a lot more rigid than most others on the market. This allows for this bean bag to be used more as a chair with a comfortable bucket styled seat than a lazy lounger that you sink into as the beads mold around you. This may not be as comfortable as those other bean bags when it comes to slouching but it does make a lot comfier for sitting in if you’re planning on using it for a long length of time such as playing video games or reading a book. The beads inside still make this a lot softer than a hard chair of similar shape and there is also the possibility of taking out some of the beans / beads if you feel that it may be a little too dense which is what a few other purchases have reported doing. This bean bag has a huge backrest which has a good structure to it. It will fully support both the back as well as the neck with ease which is perfect for long periods of time, especially when it comes to gaming but also reading books, watching the TV etc. The fabric itself is made from 100% waterproof polyester which is both soft and smooth on the skin and body.


Its Features 

The number one feature that this bean bag chair offers is the footstool. Most other bean bags of similar shape and size are still around this price range yet don’t come with a footstool so having the footstool included is a really nice feature that brings that added level of comfort and relaxation when you just want to kick your feet up with a glass of wine after a hard days work. The footstool has been designed with the bean bag chair so it is all the same height, allowing you to kick your feet up without any discomfort from the height difference that you may get with other chair and footstools which aren’t included as a pair and that are uneven. I personally find sitting on a chair and kicking my feet up on a foot rest that is either too high or too low for the seat i’m sitting on actually more uncomfortable than if I was just to sit in the seat with my feet down. The backrest on the Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Chair & Matching Footstool Combo in particular is a really nice one. This is due to the size ratio of it compared to most other bean bags with a back rest on the market. Usually the backrests are short and can be quite floppy but this one is nice and tall supporting both the back and neck comfortably as well as staying strong and structured when molded into the right position for adequate support for even the more taller of adults. The chair is made of a 100% waterproof polyester which is both extremely strong and durable but at the same time also smooth and soft on the body, preventing any discomfort you may get from a rougher fabric. The 100% waterproofing of this polyester fabric is also great for any accidental food or drink spillages which are almost inevitable with children, teenagers and even some adults! Just simply wipe away the spillage for a clean bean bag again. It also means that this is a bean bag is suitable for both indoors and outdoors and it makes a great feature for summers day lazing in the garden (although I wouldn’t recommend leaving it outside indefinitely). The seams on this bean bag have been double to prevent any possible leaks or tears and the outer zip heads have been covered to stop any possible scratches when it is on a hard floor. The Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Chair & Matching Footstool Combo really has been thought out!


The approximate dimensions of this bean bag chair are: 115 x 80cm

The approximate dimensions of the bean bag foot stool are: 30 x 20cm


The Pros

There are many pros with the Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Chair & Matching Footstool Combo which are:

  • Comes with a footstool included where as most other bean bags around this price range would not.
  • A tough polyester material which is both strong and durable for strength yet soft and smooth for comfort.
  • This bean bag is 100% waterproof polyester so it can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Easy clean makes it easy to wipe away any inevitable drink or food spillages.
  • Double stitched seams makes for no risk of splitting or leaking, guaranteed by Hi-BagZ® themselves.
  • The outer zips heads have been covered to prevent any possible scratches on a hard floor which I think is a really nice and well thought out touch to this bean bag.
  • The bean bag is packed full of beans, more than most others on the market and with its large back rest also, makes for a very comfortable and sturdy bean bag chair which supports both the back and neck. Even after long hours of use whilst gaming etc.


The Cons

There are a couple of cons with the Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Chair & Matching Footstool Combo though, these are:

  • Some customers find that there may be a little too many beads in. More is better and cheaper than less though as these can be taken out and stored if this is needed.
  • This bean bag may feel a bit small to certain adults if they plan on using it. Although adults can use this and most wont find an issue, it has really been designed for the teenager in mind.


All in All

All in all, the Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Chair & Matching Footstool Combo is no better than most other bean bags similar in both style and price range but what does make it stand out is the footrest that is included with it. This bean bag isn’t going to WOW you in luxury, but it will do the job of comfort and durability for a long time. Its also great value for money and would really add style to any room, especially in the corner of the living room with a coffee table next to it. This bean bag has though been designed with the teenager in mind so although it is a great lounger for an adult, some of the more taller adults may find this bean bag not suitable. When it comes to a teenager though this bean bag is absolutely perfect for gaming and would look great in teenagers bedroom with the choice of the three possible bright, striking colours to choose from. The Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Chair & Matching Footstool Combo is both comfortable and supportive and with the added footstool, gives you a fully lounge-able experience .


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Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Chair & Matching Footstool Combo Review 2016
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Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Chair & Matching Footstool Combo

Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Chair & Matching Footstool Combo



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