XX-L Blue Highback Beanbag Water Resistant Chair

XX-L Blue Highback Beanbag Water Resistant Chair Review 2016

XX-L Blue Highback Beanbag Chair Water resistant Bean bags for indoor and Outdoor Use, Great for Gaming chair and Garden Chair



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An Introduction

The XX-L Blue Highback Beanbag Water Resistant Chair is made by the Amazon UK Marketplace retailer Beautiful Beanbags. Beautiful Beanbags have a vast range of high quality beanbags ranging from living room beanbags to garden beanbags. They have a very select range of only the highest quality bean bags in both the quality of design as well as quality of manufacturing and due to these high standards are a very large and popular supplier of bean bags on the Amazon UK Marketplace.


The Aesthetics

The first thing you will notice with the XX-L Blue Highback Beanbag Water Resistant Chair is its striking dark blue colour. This shade of blue has been specifically chosen as its a shade that looks great in most rooms, whether it be a kids play room, teenagers bedroom or the downstairs living room. Its a colour which is unisex and can be used by males and females a like. The shape itself is also quite quirky with the nice back rest which is not always seen from other brands of bean bag manufacturers who usually design their bean bags as just a sack which you can slouch your bottom onto nice and comfortably but unfortunately don’t have anywhere to lean your back! This beanbag has been beautifully hand crafted and the seams are so clean and flush making this stand out as a beanbag with quality.


Its Comfort

The XX-L Blue Highback Beanbag Water Resistant Chair is a very comfortable bean bag chair indeed. As stated above, the back rest really does help for a real nice comfortable experience. Allowing the user to sit back for hours on end whilst gaming, reading or even just napping and still be just as comfortable as when they first slouched onto it! The beanbag cushioning is full of beans and is a very soft and comfortable experience. The beans will smoothly mold around your body as you sink into it. Although this beanbag says XXL, please be aware that it has really been designed for children and teenagers in mind so the larger or taller adult might find that there could be slightly more beans in it to really maximize the comfort and incorporate their weight and/ or size. I would advise that anyone over 6ft in height should really look for another, larger bean bag if they plan to purchase one for themselves.


Its Features

A lovely feature with the XX-L Blue Highback Beanbag Water Resistant Chair, other than the fact is has been hand crafted, is that it comes with water resistant coated fabric. This makes this beanbag a great choice if you plan to purchase it for the kids as drink and food spillages are almost inevitable. The water resistant coated fabric also makes this bean bag a great choice for outside use although I wouldn’t recommend leaving it outside after using it, its nice and light weight though so bringing it inside and outside shouldn’t be an issue. This bean bag has been manufactured in the UK with fully over locked and flat stitched seams for maximum durability and strength to minimise the possibility of tears and leaks. The other nice feature, again, is the back rest. This turns this bean bag from a regular sitting bean bag to a nice relaxing sloucher, turning it from something that you can only sit on for a handful of minutes without having to re position yourself to save your back from aching, to something you can slouch on and forget about the world for hours on end, whether that be a teenager playing video games to an adult pouring a well needed glass of wine and relaxing after a hard days work!

The XX-L Blue Highback Beanbag Water Resistant Chair is approximately – Height 120cm x Width 100cm x Depth 100cm.


The Pros

There are many Pros with the XX-L Blue Highback Beanbag Water Resistant Chair, which are;

  • The bean bag chair has been handcrafted in the UK with over locked and flat stitched seams to assure that the chair will last as long as possible in both strength and durability.
  • It has water resistant coated fabric which allows for it to be used in the garden, as well as giving it protection against any accidentally food or drinks spills whilst being used.
  • It has been shaped with a back rest to allow for hours and hours of slouched comfort without the worry of backache etc.
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors and both gaming and leisure a like. Whether that be in the garden, living room or bedroom.


The Cons

There are a few cons with the XX-L Blue Highback Beanbag Water Resistant Chair which are;

  • Although the chair is listed as XXL, this is really an XXL size in regards to children and teenagers. Adult wise it fits more like a medium to large. Any adult over 6ft or of quite a large mass may find that their is not enough bean stuffing to really accommodate their size comfortably.
  • The bean bag has no inner protective bag which means the bean stuffing are just in there loose so please be aware that although you can wash the outside of this bag, you will have to carefully pour the beans into a black bin bag for storage whilst washing.


All in All

All in all, the XX-L Blue Highback Beanbag Water Resistant Chair is not the cheapest on the market but you definitely get what you pay for. It is a high quality been bag in both design and manufacturing as well as being weather proof and very strong and durable, making this a bean bag that should last a nice long time. It is also extremely comfortable and will make a great chair that you can use for hours whilst gaming but please be aware, this bean bag chair is really suited for children and teenagers under 6ft and anyone larger than that will probably have difficulty sitting in this bean bag comfortably.


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XX-L Blue Highback Beanbag Water Rresistant Chair

XX-L Blue Highback Beanbag Water Rresistant Chair



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