XXXL Mega Size “Rio” Leather Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag

XXXL Mega Size “Rio” Leather Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag Review 2016

XXXL Bean Bags Huge Mega Size Black “Rio” Bean Bag – Faux Leather Bean Bag Gaming Chair – by Hi-BagZ® button


An Introduction 

Hi-BagZ® are one of the largest bean bag retailers on the Amazon UK Market Place. There success and popularity has been down to some two integral factors, producing bean bags that are both designed and manufactured to a high quality, whilst keeping their prices lower than the high street (Up to 50% cheaper in some cases). Hi-BagZ® sell all sorts of different bean bags from out door sun lounger bean bags to indoor gaming bean bags. Below I will go into some detail on one of their more luxurious bean bags, the XXXL Mega Size Rio Leather Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag.


The Aesthetics

As the name states, if you cant tell already from the photos, this bean bag is definitely XXXL. Most other extremely large bean bags on the market usually have a large back rest and small base, well all but this one. The XXXL Mega Size Rio Leather Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag base is so large that you can say bye bye to a backrest, at this size it doesn’t need one.  This is due to its fat padded shape, this bean bag is almost like one giant comfy puffee! The XXXL Mega Size Rio Leather Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag is made from a luxurious looking black faux leather giving it a very modern design that would fit into any look, especially a modern or contemporary interior. It has sleek reinforced stitching which is neatly flush all round and a small and suited makers tag on the side of the base. Aesthetically pleasing, this is a very attractive bean bag that would add style as well as comfort to any household room.


Its Comfort

Due to its massive size and unique design the XXXL Mega Size Rio Leather Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag gives  its user a unique experience. As stated above, most other bean bags on the market of such size will usually have been designed in a tear drop shape with a small seating base and a large back rest. It is quite the opposite with this bean bag. This one is unique chair in the fact that they have taken away the back rest and stuffed all the padding straight into one huge base. It almost looks like a super large foot stool! The benefit of this means that you can literally just fall into it and carry on sinking. The fact that it is so large and so deep means that where ever you sit, the walls of this bean bag around the indent of the body will support the back and neck extremely comfortably as your body sinks softly, almost 1 meter deep, into the abyss of comfort. This chair has well and truly been designed for slouching. If you’re a lazy person you better watch out as once you lye down in it you will find it very hard to get back up again. The faux leather is also of high quality and is extremely soft and supple to either clothing or bare skin. It also has a nice amount of bean stuffing in it too, giving it a structure and density that allows the user too manipulate a shape that is comfortable for them.


Its Features 

The main feature with the XXXL Mega Size Rio Leather Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag has to be its aesthetics. It is one luxuriously looking bean bag that would really compliment almost any interior. This luxury bean bag has a high quality faux leather which has the tough and durable aspects of real leather, whilst also being soft and supple to touch and relax in. The faux leather has been specially embossed in a genuine leather texture to really bring out the authenticity of this bean bag too. It is also a lot thicker than most of the more common polyester bean bags so has far more of a solid structural feel when sitting or lying on it. All the seams have been reinforced to ensure that it doesn’t split and there are two zips, both internal and external which ensure that this bean bag doesn’t leak its beans. As we all know how much of a mess that can make! The flush seams and durable faux leather make this an easy bean bag to clean, just requiring a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

The dimensions of the XXXL Mega Size Rio Leather Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag are approximately:  1M Heigh x 1M Diameter x 2.75M Round Circumference.


The Pros

The pros of the XXXL Mega Size Rio Leather Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag are:

  • Luxurious quality with an extremely modern contemporary look. Adds style to any house hold interior space.
  • This bean bag is HUGE, great for both children, teenagers and adults a like which makes a great bean bag for a communal social space.
  • Very comfortable. Due to its size and depth this bean bag lets you truly sink into the abyss of comfort.
  • High Quality Black Faux Leather which looks great as well as very strong and durable whilst still being soft and supple.
  • Reinforced durable stitching and two layers of zips, one internal zip and one external zip, to prevent any tears or leaks.
  • A nice amount of stuffing allows you to mold this bean bag into your most comfortable shape whilst still keeping a strong supportive structure.
  • Easy to wipe faux leather and stitching for any accidental but inevitable food or drinks spillages.


The Cons

  • Although the XXXL Mega Size Rio Leather Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag is a huge bean bag please note that it may not look as large in real life as it does in the photos. Which has disappointed a few customers. Please read the dimensions in the ‘Its Features’ section to be fully clear of its size before purchasing.
  • This bean bag is not suitable for outdoor use.


All in All

All in all the XXXL Mega Size Rio Leather Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag is the bean bag you want to choose if you’re going for quality and looks. This is a very attractive bean bag that will give any room an added level of luxury. Not only is it attractive but it is extremely comfortable too, both due to its size and padding. It is good value for money being around the same sort of price range as the cheaper polyester type bean bags. It is suitable for all ages, from children to teenagers to adults and would look great in any room but especially in a shared space. I would really recommend the XXXL Mega Size Rio Leather Hi-BagZ® Bean Bag for the living room space as its size and design accommodates every member of the house hold and is durable enough to endure the use from them all too! button


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