Ghost X-Rocker Sound Rocker Gaming Chair

Ghost X-Rocker Sound Rocker Gaming Chair Review 2016

Ghost X-Rocker Sound Rocker Gaming Chair


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An Introduction 

X Rocker is the maker of one of the most popular gaming chairs on the UK Market, hence people often do take interest in their gaming chairs and devices. Here we are going to review the Ghost X-Rocker Sound Rocker Gaming Chair, which is one a rocker gaming chair that really intensifies the gaming experience, and we will see how good a buy it is for the price of £79.95 from Amazon UK. The manufacturer X-Rocker is one of the reputed players in the market of gaming accessories, and that is one good reason to believe in the make. Now let’s have a closer look at the various features of the chair.


The Aesthetics

The first thing you will notice is the curvaceous and giant backrest as well as the nice symmetrical body. The Ghost X-Rocker Sound Rocker Gaming Chair is also really stylised like a gaming racing chair. This one is really designed like that, with the same type of sleek look to it. The black body with blue piping on the backrest looks quiet royal. The chair looks smart in the blue and black combination, and has a masculine look about it. The sound and volume socket or panel at the right side of the seat is in white with a plastic body. The volume knob is round and in white, and the sound input output points are quite prominent. The seat is concave with a decent at the inner side and a slight elevation on the frontal part. The backrest is slanting, and the slant is quite smooth with no sharp bend. White thread stitches at the sides and joints are prominent making it look smart and bold aesthetically. The Ghost X-Rocker Sound Rocker Gaming Chair is a very attractive rocker gaming chair.


Its Comfort

Beauty may attract you towards the Ghost X-Rocker Sound Rocker Gaming Chair, but what matters more is the comfort. If its not comfortable and you’re not liking the feel then the investment can be useless. There has been a lot of positive feedback about this gaming chair and you will find that it has a generous amount of padding and a nice curve to it making it a very smooth sitting, even after many hours of use. Handling is very comfortable because it has a foldable structure. You may fold and store it if you are concerned with the space it will eat. The centre of the backrest has a mesh fabric which makes the material breathable and is good for the comfort of the back when you lean on it. Sound output is quite good which makes gaming fun, and the integration of the audio force modulation technology is good for enjoying game sounds with more realistic feel and simulation.


Its Features 

With lots of features the Ghost X-Rocker Sound Rocker Gaming Chair promises a comfortable gaming and nice sounds. The features visible are as follows:

  • The chair comes in a combination of a black and blue colour.
  • This gaming chair is foldable and ease of storage has really been integrated into the design for small areas.
  • The chair is made from a breathable material at the back rest and is easy on skin during long seating hours.
  • There is the possibility of extra gaming fun and more sensation when you connect multiple chairs together.
  • Audio force modulation technology integrated to make sound and music more real and absorbing.
  • Compatible with all gaming devices like TV, Laptop, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, iPhone, iPad etc and more.
  • Easy volume control and connectivity through side panel offering audio sockets and volume knob control.
  • Same side panel offering power connectivity.
  • Speaker on the right side near head of the backrest for great sound clarity and experience near ears.


The Pros

The best things observed about the Ghost X-Rocker Sound Rocker Gaming Chair which consumers also reported are:

  • Very good sound clarity due to the presence of Audio force modulation technology
  • The presence of speakers close to the ears on the backrest is a good positioning for more gaming fun
  • The mesh fabric material at the centre of the chair is a nice engineering that makes it easy on skin by being breathable fabric
  • The side panel placement is at a convenient location which do not interferes with game play
  • This is compatible with all important gaming systems like, Nintendo 3DS, PSP Vita, Wii U, iPhone, PS2, PS3, iPad, CD, DVD, MP3 players, Bluray, TV and what not.
  • The audio output cable is accompanied with the chair
  • Foldable design makes handling and storage easy
  • Contoured seat and backrest for comfort of seating


The Cons 

There is not much improvement really with the Ghost X-Rocker Sound Rocker Gaming Chair. The backrest of the chair is not much high, and due to this restriction in dimensions, the chair is not as comfortable for tall individuals leaning back as it doesn’t support the head, unless you like slouching of course which I guess most gamers do! The chair height is actually good for kids and teenagers with smaller heights. This gaming chair really doesn’t have many cons and that’s expressed in its user reviews.


All in All

The Ghost X-Rocker Sound Rocker Gaming Chair is a nice gaming chair and is decent deal at a price of £79.95 if you are buying it new, and from £59.95 if you are buying used or refurbished. The main drawback really is the height and size which may restrict the more taller individuals from enjoying the chair at full swing. They may sit and play games but won’t get that comfort which a kid or teenager or a short to medium height individual would feel. Otherwise with breathable fabric made seat material at the center and a nice plush mattress, the chair is extremely comfortable. It offers great looks too in black, which has another advantage as the black will really hide the possibility of any aging over a long period of time. The best part of using it is the sound clarity and the compliance of the chair with almost all gaming devices. That is why you can connect it to any gaming system and enjoy great music and sound with the speakers. You can also connect multiple chairs to enjoy more thrilling gaming. Therefore this is a really nice pick for any avid gamer and makes a great present to a loved one whether it be Christmas, a Birthday or any other special occasion.


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Ghost X-Rocker Sound Rocker Gaming Chair
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Ghost X-Rocker Sound Rocker Gaming Chair

Ghost X-Rocker Sound Rocker Gaming Chair



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