Playseat Challenge Gaming Chair

Playseat Challenge Gaming Chair Review 2016

Playseat Challenge Gaming Chair (PS4/PS3/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PC DVD)


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The Challenge Gaming Chair is one of Playseats most popular chairs from their range. Due to their high quality products and well thought out design ascetics, Playseat have become one of the leading manufacturers of gaming chairs around the world! Now lets go into some detail about the Playseat Challenge Gaming Chair. 🙂

The Playseat Challenge Gaming Chair has a patented fold away design. Unlike a solid gaming chair unit, the Playseat Challenge is the perfect chair for gamers who don’t have a lot of space and is also great for gamers who like to go portable and take their gaming experience somewhere, such as a a friends house (A gaming chair is a great way to spend a cheap night in with the mates and a few drinks!). Its a very straight forward chair to assemble and dismantle with just a few Velcro straps. You can get into the chair very easy and quickly due to being able unlock the steering wheel bar which you can then lift up and close down once your sat down and comfy, which is also another one of many of its lovely features. The Playseat Challenge Gaming Chairs design works very similar to a deck chair and can be folded out in seconds. The strong Velcro straps can then be secured and adjusted to change the height of the chair and suit which ever position is most comfortable for you, which is a nice little feature that not all gaming chairs have. It also has full lumbar support and that combined with its ergonomic design can guarantee that even after hours of playing, you’l still be just as comfortable as when you first sat down… just make sure you don’t fall asleep at the wheel!

Although the steering wheel and pedals are not included, the Playseat Challenge has a patented universal and fully adjustable steering wheel and pedal set support which is compatible with all steering wheel and pedal sets on the market. Although this chair is very light and very easy to carry, it has a superior build quality and is surprisingly a very stable and solid chair. So how can it be so stable and so light? Well this is where the ingenious deck chair styled design comes in. Once sat on, the chair will displace your mass and weight and use that to create a very solid and stable chair so you don’t have to worry about getting a little too carried away and ending up on the floor!

This chair will boost any driving experience when gaming. With its extremely comfortable replica blow molded racing seat and its patented locking system for the steering wheel and pedals, you can be assured that the pedals wont be moving about on the floor whilst the steering wheels loosening and falling off the table… just as you’re finishing the last lap in first!

The Playseat Challenge Gaming Chair definitely isnt the cheapest chair on the market but with all of its features and design aspects, when you’re in that seat it wont matter… this chair will take any driving game and turn it into the ultimate driving simulator! 🙂


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Box Contains

1 x Playseat racing seat
1 x Precision-made supports for wheel and pedal supports
1 x Detailed, easy-to-follow instruction manual
1 x Velcro pads and straps plus screws to securely fix
Assembly tools for a quick build

Product Dimensions: 80 x 57.5 x 20 cm ; 13 Kg
Max Load: 125 KG


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Playseat Challenge (PS4/PS3/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PC DVD)
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Playseat Challenge Gaming Chair

Playseat Challenge Gaming Chair









          Value for Money



            • Ergonomic Design
            • Fordable and Portable!
            • Light but Very Comfy
            • Compatible with all Steering Wheels & Pedals


            • No Cable Management
            • Steering Wheel and Pedals Not Included

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