Wireless Foldable Gaming Chair with Sub Woofer

Wireless Foldable Gaming Chair Built in Sub Woofer Review 2016

Wireless Foldable Gaming Chair w/ Built in Sub Woofer, Surround Sound Speakers


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An Introduction 

This Wireless Foldable Gaming Chair with Subwoofer manufactured by XStunt and sold on Amazon lets you feel the thrilling action from all your media experiences whether that be movies, video games and even music, right underneath you. Audio is beamed wirelessly, up to 25 feet, through its wireless transmitter. Crystal clear sound and mind blowing bass makes you’ll feel like you are actually in the game! Hear every footstep in a game, and feel every crash, punch or gunshot as the subwoofer sends powerful vibrations right through you! Playing video games is much more fun while you are cushioned in this wireless Foldable Gaming Chair with Subwoofer.


The Aesthetics

Just as it appears in the picture, this wireless Foldable Gaming Chair with Subwoofer looks vibrant and very sleek, with beautiful curves. It is made out of fine black synthetic leather that does not fade easily and the chair can actually be folded into two to look smaller and occupy less space when it is being transported to any location or for easy storage. The Wireless Foldable Gaming Chair with Sub Woofer is very comfortable gaming chair.


Its Comfort

This Wireless Foldable Gaming Chair with Sub Woofer is made up of a very thick layer of foam that is covered with good synthetic leather material. This makes it very comfortable and users can actually adjust the settings of the chair for more comfort and relaxation, a lot of people actually find it difficult getting off this Wireless Foldable Gaming Chair because of how comfortable they find sitting on it.


Its Features 

This wireless Foldable Gaming Chair with Subwoofer is a very powerful audio output device for playing a video game, watching TV or using whilst on your PC. It features a subwoofer with deep rumbling high quality bass, quality speakers and a multi player connection, black synthetic leather  finish in a sleek racing style (This revision is v3 and has been designed more economical and strengthened), a safety lock backrest compatible with most gaming consoles as well as audio and video devices such as the PlayStation 2, Playstation 3, xBox 360, xBox One, Wii, iPod, iPhone etc, 2 channel wireless function, colour coded removable headrest and folds away with ease to make for a small amount of storage space. These are some of the great features that this wireless gaming chair has.


The Pros

The Wireless Foldable Gaming Chair with Sub Woofer padding is very comfortable and luxurious with a nice headrest for the price, compared to others at the similar price, but it is no way going to be as comfortable as an office or gaming chair that’s 2-3 times more expensive. The other downside is that these desk gaming chairs don’t come with the speakers in the back rest either. Great value for money, compared to the other wireless gaming chairs out there on Amazon, this v3 version is a bit cheaper if you measure the features with the price. It can easily be folded in half for easy transportation and storage where there is limited space.


The Cons 

Does not work well with Xbox One, this is due to the fact that it does not support HDMI connections directly for sound. This wireless Foldable Gaming Chair with Subwoofer is also not the most durable gaming chair out there although it is a great value for money for what you get. The chair easily comes apart if you are not very careful with handling it so please be aware of this when transporting. This particular chair would have been huge in size if not for its ability to fold in two and get smaller. Another aspect to note is that it takes batteries for the wireless transmitter so make sure you have batteries at the ready as you don’t want it to run out half way through an intense online game!


All in All

Conclusively, this chair is highly recommended to anyone who is not looking to fork out a lot, but that are still looking for an amazing quality chair that’s absolutely stunning chair in every way. It has been an absolute pleasure to write about this wireless gaming chair and is definitely a chair I would recommend to anyone. If anyone asked for a recommendation for a great gaming chair, this wireless Foldable Gaming Chair with Subwoofer would be one of the chairs I would most likely suggest due to the superb sound quality and value for money. Another thing to note is that this chair is pretty heavy. It comes flat pack in a big box and is a pretty straight forward to assemble but I would recommend getting a second pair of hands to help with the assembly if you think you may struggle with a bit of weight. If you are a gamer that loves high definition sound, this wireless Foldable Gaming Chair with Subwoofer version v3 is one of the greatest wireless gaming chairs on the UK market to buy to date.


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Wireless Foldable Gaming Chair Built in Sub Woofer
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Wireless Foldable Gaming Chair with Sub Woofer

Wireless Foldable Gaming Chair with Sub Woofer



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