X-Rocker Rockster 2.1 Gaming Chair, Black

X-Rocker Rockster 2.1 Gaming Chair Review 2016

X-Rocker Rockster 2.1 Gaming Chair, Black


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An Introduction 

Forking out on a new gaming chair to enjoy an ultimate gaming experience with great comfort and thrilling sound is so worth it. Video gaming is definitely a favorite leisure activity in the UK and worldwide a like but even so, too many hours of gaming are bound to end in back pain and injuries. Getting a good gaming chair can dispel all these troubles. The X-Rocker Rockster 2.1 gaming chair is designed to offer comfort and more to users.


The Aesthetics

The X-Rocker Rockster 2.1 Gaming Chair is a robust gaming chair that has a hard-wearing strengthened frame to ensure that even the most enthusiast gamer survives. It is covered with wipe-able black PU leather that also features contrasting red stitch cross panels. Two high quality surround speakers are covered by black leatherette fabric. It also comes with a comfortable, padded headrest as well as double foam padding to ensure comfort of the gamer.


Its Comfort

A gaming chair is nothing without comfort. The X-Rocker Rockster 2.1 features double foam padding to ensure optimal comfort when gaming. In addition, it comes with an armrest that offers support and makes the chair look even better. Its support base uplifts the user, allowing them to enjoy hours of gaming while swiveling and tilting.


Its Features 

  • Foldable for easy storage
  • 2.1 surround speakers
  • Wipe clean faux leather covering
  • X-Rocker Exclusive AFM technology for added gaming immersion
  • Double foam padding for comfort
  • Rumble subwoofer for bass
  • Comfortable, durable and padded headrest iPhone/iPod connector
  • Built-in wireless receiver and transmitter


The Pros

  • It can be connected to several chairs to allow for the ultimate gaming experience
  • It comes with an inbuilt radio wireless receiver as well as transmitter. In addition, it can operate with all RCA stereo outputs.
  • It is not only perfect for video games, but also for listening to music, watching movies as well as relaxing and reading.
  • The surround speakers have an amazing sound that makes using the chair all the more thrilling.
  • It’s foldable making storage when not in use easy to achieve.
  • It’s designed to offer comfort for continuous hours of gaming.
  • It’s ideal for individuals of any height and weight.


The Cons 

  • Leaning back is limited (Unless you’re rocking back)
  • The cushion can wear after sometime.


All in All

The X-Rocker Rockster 2.1 Gaming Chair is an ideal gaming chair for both enthusiastic gamers and movie watchers. It doesn’t have room for strains, and this makes it easy for users to spend hours on it while listening to thrilling sound thanks to quality sub woofer and speakers!


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X-Rocker Rockster 2.1 Gaming Chair, Black

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X-Rocker Rockster 2.1 Gaming Chair
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X-Rocker Rockster 2.1 Gaming Chair

X-Rocker Rockster 2.1 Gaming Chair



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